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In The Vineyard With...

In depth conversations with leading figures in the world of wine. On location in their wineries, Wine bars, Vineyards and Tasting rooms.

Sep 12, 2020

Adam Montefiore

Israrel’s most eminent wine ambassador, Adam Montefiore spent an engaging hour in the lead up to the Jewish New Year talking to me about the evolving Israeli wine scene. We discussed the history from the mid 19th century, before the first Jewish settlers arrived and brought with them European Viticulture. Kiddush wines (sweet reds) and how the industry emerged from their unsophisticated image in the 80’s. The innovations that came in the following years, to this day, with around 300 wineries of various sizes and vineyards planted from the northerly, snow covered Mount Hermon to the Negev desert in the south. This episode was sponsored by Kedem Europe, the UK’s largest importer and distributor of Israeli wines. Find them at for wholesale or for your nearest stockist.