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In The Vineyard With...

In depth conversations with leading figures in the world of wine. On location in their wineries, Wine bars, Vineyards and Tasting rooms.

Sep 23, 2022

David Gates

50 Episodes! In this milestone episode, I was chatting with Dave Gates, Head of Vineyard Operations and VP at Ridge Vineyards in Northern California.

We discussed his interesting route into wine from his home farm in Central Minnesota, through agriculture in Southern California, to eventually Viticulture in UC Davis.

Sep 16, 2022

In this episode, I chatted with a real Californian pioneer, Cathy Corison, of Cathy Corison Winery in Napa Valley.

Cathy is a champion of Cabernet Sauvignon, who always managed to marry the qualities of power alongside elegance and finesse beautifully. Not an easy fit.

You can hear about her early years as a young...